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By joining a Group, you will grow in your faith, meet new people, build relationship and have fun ​in the process.


We have groups of all types that meet across the county. These groups are a great way to make new friends and build relationships. Our groups run on a termly basis, although we have some groups that you can join at any time, scroll down to see what is available.

We want each groups to offer the opportunity to meet with each others, deepen our faith and explore what it means to connect with God, grow as a family and make a difference. With this in mind groups will loosely fall into one of three streams:

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Encounter God’s presence and grow deeper in relationship with him.

​‘Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in him’ – ​Psalm 34:8

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Meet new people, have fun and grow as a family and friends.​

​’Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves’ – ​​Romans 12:10

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Make a difference, meet the needs of the city and see it transformed.

​’Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you’ ​- Jeremiah 29:7


How do I start a group?

​If you are interested in exploring the idea of starting a Group then please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

All new groups start together at the beginning of each term and depending on the kind of group, run for either one term or a whole year. If you’re thinking about exploring starting a new group next term, please fill in the form as early as possible during the term before. This gives us time to get in touch and support you in the process of setting up a new group.

We offer all our leaders training, coaching, and support through our clustering system and want to see everyone grow in their potential and calling. If God has put a vision in your heart or if you’d like to speak with someone about what it means to lead a Group, we’d love to take some time to explore that with you.

When Do Groups Run?

We have 3 terms per year and groups run for 10 weeks during each term:

  • Term 1: 9th September – 17th November 2018
  • Term 2: 13th January – 23rd March 2019
  • Term 3: 6th May – 13th July 2019

Between term times there is normally a 5 to 6 weeks break, where group leader can take a rest and we host different training events for the whole church.

Why is there a Sign-up for some groups and not others?

If a group has spaces then the sign up button will allow you to join. If it says ‘closed’, this means that the group is full and reached it capacity.

What happens when a Group is full?

When a Group is full the ‘sign up for this group’ button will say closed, we would encourage you to look for another Group that you feel you could make a home in.

I’m not a member of Central Vineyard, is it okay to join Group?

Most of our Groups are aimed at building community within our church family. By joining a group you will be joining the community here at the church. Some Groups are open to bringing along your friends – these groups will often mention this in their description or just speak to the group leaders.

The Group I’m in isn’t for me, can I join another?

Yes, there is no pressure to remain in a Group you are already part of. You are free to sign up to any Group you would like, but please note that some Groups are age, life stage and gender focused.

Can I attend more than one Group?

Yes, you can sign up to as many Groups as you would like, but please be aware of others who may want to join – especially if there are not many remaining spaces in that group. You may also find it better to be fully committed to one Group, than half committed to two or three Groups.

CV Crafting

42 Sheep St, Northampton

Fortnightly on Wednesday


Kate Adams & Pippa Gilbert

Bring your craft along and build relationships as we craft together.

Discovery Bible Study


Weekly on Tuesday


Dan & Jess Cherriman

A group where people can get to know each other, support and encourage each other as we use “Discovery Bible Study” to not only look into the Bible but to encourage each other to live out God’s word.


Moulton, Northampton

Weekly on Tuesday


Alex Turtle

Can you score like Harry Kane, pass like Luka Modric, or save like Hugo Lloris? No, well neither can we! Join us for a friendly game of football.


Starbucks, Market Sq, N’pton

1st & 3rd Saturday


Michelle Newstead & Elly Sedgewick

Time out on a Saturday morning to dig deeper into the bible over coffee. Relaxed, informative, with a little personal challenge thrown in as we apply what we’ve learnt. No previous bible experience necessary.


Barton Seagrave, Kettering

Weekly on Thursday


David & Elaine Roberts

We want to learn together how we can develop our fellowship with God and each other in the wider context of our community, as we reach out from CV to Kettering.

Ladies Faith & Food

The Good Loaf, Northampton

Weekly on Monday


Suzy Van Rooyen

We’ll cook together, eat together, learn, discuss & pray together. Ideal for ladies who are just starting to explore their faith as we explore Gods word in a safe, friendly environment.

Men’s Group N’pton

Moulton Park, Northampton

Fortnightly on Wednesday


Dan Walter & Daniel Sedgewick

A group for guys to hang out, talk about life and grow in our pursuit of Jesus together. Time to build friendships and accountability as men, husbands, fathers and brothers.

Men’s Group W’boro

Wellingborough (various)

Weekly on Tuesday


Tom Nicholson & Martyn Hicks

A group for men! A mix of curry, pub trips and an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and one another. Whether you’re new or have been coming along for a while, you’re welcome!

New to Central Vineyard

Abington Vale, Northampton

Weekly on Thursday


Steve & Tammy Gee

We are a mixed group open to all, particularly keen to gather those who have never been part of a group before or are new to Central Vineyard. It will be a group where you can be yourself and make some friends in the process. We’ll do a number of different things together including; food, worship, prayer, bible and ministry.

Taco Thursday

Delapre, Northampton

Weekly on Thursday


Pete & Anya Willis

Come, eat tacos, get to know one another a bit better, pray together, talk about Jesus and perhaps learn a bit along the way, but mainly eat tacos. Food will be on a bring and share basis but will be tacos every week!

Time for Mums

Wakes Meadow, Northampton

Weekly on Tuesday


Hannah Osborne & Vicki Walters

A group for mums to come and spend time resting in God’s presence and receive some pampering. There will also be a focus on planning and holding a pamper session for our mums that attend the Nest.

Wellingborough North

Gleneagles, Wellingborough

Weekly on Tuesday


Steve, Ann & Theo

Our group wants to build solid friendships through hanging out, eating good food and having a good laugh! Through these friendships we wish to become stronger as a community, and go deeper in our faith.

Women’s Group – Kettering


Weekly on Thursday


Ilze Waters

We are a group of ladies that gather together in Kettering once a week. Our hearts are for fun, fellowship, encouragement and growth!

Women’s Group – W’boro

Wellingborough (various)

Weekly on Wednesday


Ashleigh Nicholson & Deborah Hicks

A group for the ladies gathering to talk about life and grow in our pursuit of Jesus together. We will be looking at Emotionally Healthy Spirituality alongside the sermons at church.

Young Adults & Students

Kingsley, Northampton

Weekly on Wednesday


Chris Khoo

A group for 18-30s providing a place to grow in fellowship, community and faith. A relaxed environment where we can explore what it means to follow Jesus in our everyday lives in a modern world.

Youth (Yr 6+)

42 Sheep St, Northampton

Fortnightly on Sunday


John & Cathy Leathersich

This group is for those who don’t feel like children anymore but aren’t really grown up either. A chance to have fun, build friendships, talk together and learn a bit too, aimed at those who are in Year 6 and above.

Youth (Yr 9+)

42 Sheep St, Northampton

Fortnightly on Wednesday


Sam & Charly Robinson

A group for older youth year 9-13. A chance to meet together, laugh, eat and pray. Equip you to have a deeper relationship with God and to discover more about Him.


Pete Willis