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Making a Donation

We are again inviting Central Vineyard members (and anyone else who would like to) to participate in making this next exciting phase become a reality. For some it will be relatively small amounts; for others, it may be tens of thousands of pounds. Give as the Lord prompts you in accordance with the resources He has blessed you with.

Making an ‘upfront cash gift’

Please fill in the commitment form and enclose your cheque or cash with the commitment card in the envelope provided and either post it in good time or bring it to church on either the 16th or 23rd of September. If you are enclosing cash we recommend you bring it to church in the envelope provided and place in the offering basket.

Please make cheques payable to ‘Central Vineyard’.

If you would prefer to make your donation on-line, the church’s bank details are listed on the commitment form. Please identify your gift with the code: (mysurname)/Above and email with the details of your gift.

Smaller one-off donations can be made online, by clicking the ChurchSuite icon below. This is a secure and private way in which you can donate in a way that suits you.

Please note that card donations via ChurchSuite have a 2.4% + £0.20 transaction fee applied. You do have the option to add this fee to your donation or you may prefer to maximise your gift by giving directly via your bank, this is particularly relevant if you plan to give a larger sum of money.

Making an ongoing pledge

Decide on the monthly amount you wish to give, and the length of your pledge (you may wish to make it for more or less than 4 years). Please note that this is in addition to your regular giving to Central Vineyard.

Complete the commitment form once you’ve decided how much you would like to give and tick the box to let us know if you plan to set up the payment yourself or would prefer us to contact your bank on your behalf. If you set up the payment directly on-line please do so with the code [mysurname]/Above and email as above.