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When will the building works be completed?

Our aim is to begin work refurbishments to the auditorium as soon as possible, with a view to completing the first phase by late spring 2019. However, this will depend on a number of factors, the chief of which is raising sufficient money to proceed as planned.

How will we pay for the whole project?

We anticipate that the majority of the money will come from the people in this church, in both upfront gifts and in ongoing pledges, but we also anticipate increasing our mortgage (which is currently £320,000) to supplement the giving and enable the project to proceed before all the pledged money comes in.

Can I give assets as well as cash?

Yes, however, we would prefer where possible that you sell them yourself. You may have things you wish to give such as jewellery or property, which need to be sold in order to release their value. If it is not practical for you to sell them and you would like us to assist you with this please make a note on the Commitment Form along with an estimate of the value, and we’ll contact you to make arrangements.

You can also donate shares and other types of investments. Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for tax relief if you make a gift in this way. In any event we recommend you take appropriate financial advice.

What if we don’t get enough money?

That would cause a delay. However, we would look for way of breaking the work in further phases as we are able to afford them.

What if more than needed is given and pledged?

That would, of course, be wonderful! We would be able to proceed with everything we have planned, and anything beyond this would be allocated towards reducing our mortgage, new ministry initiatives and capital projects.

What if a disaster happened which prevented us doing this project?

There is always the possibility the project could be delayed, in which case we would persevere. However, if it became either impossible to proceed or perhaps due to some major unforeseen circumstance no longer sensible to proceed, then the money in this fund at that point would be offered proportionately back to those who gave it. Other than the situation above, money which has been given cannot be returned.

Do we have the expertise to manage a project of this size?

Yes, we do. We are looking to partner with Mayway Construction for this project who have over 30 years of experience of projects of this kind.

Can we really achieve this goal?

Yes we can.

  • We can do this because we believe the Lord is in it.
  • We can do this if we are willing to take the risk and pay the cost.
  • We can do this if we are willing to look Above & Beyond.
What will I be expected to give?

Each of us should give what we believe the Lord is asking us to give. It will involve sacrifice, but we want everyone to give freely and cheerfully. All contributions are valuable however large or small. With a pledge over say 4 years, it is amazing how much a monthly sacrifice releases over such a period.

Monthly Yearly Over 4 Years
£10 £120 £480
£50 £600 £2,400
£100 £1,200 £4,800
£500 £6,000 £24,000
£1,000 £12,000 £48,000
Can I change my pledge?

A pledge is not a debt! It is an expression of your intent to give. No one will ever ask you to increase your pledge or tell you “you’re behind” on your giving. We want this to be a positive experience for anyone who would like to get behind what we are doing.

And Yes, if for any reason you wish to alter your pledge (if your financial situation changes, for example) you can either increase or decrease your commitment to this project. We just ask that you please inform the church finance team by emailing or in writing to the office.