Huddles are groups of three or four people who meet weekly – or fortnightly – and commit to doing so for at least six to twelve months.

Those in the group may have been friends for a long time, or may have met more recently – the key ingredients are an ability to be honest with one another and an enthusiasm for praying together. Once you have decided who to Huddle with, register your group and nominate a facilitator.



Using the Huddle Mini Guide begin by sharing what has been going on in your life since you last met. Take some time to identify what God has been saying to you and how you have responded to His voice. Share the things you have struggled with, but also share the positives things too. Be honest with each other, Huddles are meant to be safe places to talk and share. Above all, listen to one another and be honest.​


Decide as a Huddle on some reading material that will facilitate your relationship with God, your journey inward and the journey outward. This could be as simple as working through various passages in the Bible. Read before you meet so you can talk about what you have read as a group. Grow by meditating on the things the Spirit highlights in your reading and by discussing with your Huddle.


Pray for alertness to the Spirit’s leadership and guidance. Pray that you might pay attention to the people and events of your life. Pray that the Spirit will enable you to be ambassadors of the kingdom in the routines of your life. Pray for the ability to do good for others. And pray for the members of your group as you go on this journey. ​

Throughout 2018 we are encouraging Huddles to form their reading material around our Year of Biblical Literacy