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Whether you’re exploring faith or new to Northamptonshire and looking for a church to join, you are so welcome at Central Vineyard!


Each location carries the same DNA, with their own local look and feel. We are a fairly relaxed and informal church, with people from many different walks of life gathering together each week. Some people who call Central Vineyard home have followed Jesus all their lives, others are still exploring what it means to follow Him. Wherever you are on that journey you’ll be welcome!


42 Sheep Street


Sir Christopher Hatton Academy
The Pyghtle


Kettering is a new emerging location, we currently meet each week in two groups.

Connect to Faith

If you’re new to faith and Christianity then you are so welcome, we have people in our community who are from all walks of life and we’re so glad that you’re here. We’d love to help you explore who Jesus is, and would encourage you to start that journey by attending Alpha.


New to Central Vineyard, we’d love to get to know you – and you might want to find out more about us too! Join us for a Connect Party to meet our pastors, chat with some of the team, enjoy a bite to eat and find out how you can get involved in church life.

Connect to Community

Connecting in community and building relationships with others is central to what it means to follow Jesus and we offer some different ways to connect with others. We believe being integrated into a strong ecosystem of groups and accountable friendships is an essential and authentic way to grow as a disciples of Jesus.

Connect to a Team

Church is not built on the talents and gifts of a few but on the sacrifice of many. Serving others is a key part of what it means to be part of God’s church and joining a team is a great way of meeting and getting to know others.