Digital Toolkit

Great tools for staying connected.


If you have an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet, you should be able to make use of these. In some cases they will also be available on Amazon’s marketplace too.

If you don’t have a smart phone, there are some great tools you can use on a laptop/desktop. I’ve put these at the bottom of this page.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is the tool we’re using to connect online in our Groups. You won’t need an app of a laptop, desktop or certain tablet devices. But for smaller devices, you will need it.

YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion’s Bible app is more than just a Bible on your phone. You can search, bookmark, share with others, engage in pre-prepared reading plan and more! Highly recommended, whatever your translation.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a group text messaging and video call app that works across Apple and Android phone. Highly recommended for keeping connected to your Group and loved ones between calls.

My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite

As a church we use ChurchSuite to do things like manage rotas, groups and more. It will be a highly useful tool for all of us in the season ahead. If you haven’t got an account, get in touch and we can give you access.

Great desktop tools to stay connected.

We’ll be using Google Meet for our online Groups, which you can use on your desktop or laptop with ease as long as your have an internet connection.

Here are a few other brilliant tools for staying connected to others and engaging with tools for help fuel your walk with Jesus in this season:



Normally we’re cautious about recommending social media. It has it’s downfalls. But in this season, social networks are invaluable. This is a great time to open social media accounts to connect with others. Facebook is the most widely used, and we have Facebook Groups going on to help you stay connected.

Our Groups:

Kettering, Northampton, Raunds, Wellingborough



The Bible Project unpack the Bible in life giving ways. Through a mix of videos, podcasts and more, they bring the Bible to life. We recommend their content. Their videos are excellent ways to get to grips with the different books and themes in the Bible.



Central Vineyard’s podcast and audio library is available here


More user guides:

How to use Google Meet

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How to set up your Google account

How to set up your Google Account (needed for smart phones)HOW TO SET UP A GOOGLE ACCOUNT To use Google Meet (the tool we're using to host our online groups) on a smart phone, you will need the Google Meet App (find out where here). In order to use the app, you will...

Log onto an Online Group

Logging onto your Online GroupDownload the Google Meet appHOW TO LOG ON TO YOUR ONLINE GROUP In this video you will see how to log in to your Google Meet online Group from a desktop. For how to access this from a smart phone or smaller devices, click here. How to log...

Using Google Meet on a Smart Phone

Using Google Meet On your smart phoneDownload the Google Meet appUsing Google Meet on a Smart Phone The first time you log into Google Meet on your smart phone, you may need to follow a few steps. Once you've done these once, joining futures calls should be as easy as...