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Our Affiliation

We are part of a global family of churches known as the Vineyard, with over 2,000 Vineyard churches world wide.

What is the Vineyard?

We are a growing movement of churches, built on God’s transforming word, who worship God with passion, intimacy and expectation. We are God’s children, empowered by his Spirit, extending his Kingdom together, everywhere in every way.

We aim to serve people, especially the poor and vulnerable, and communicate the goodness of Jesus with compassion and generosity. We want to make disciples, develop leaders, plant churches, and blessing of the whole Body of Christ.

John Wimber and the Vineyard

The Vineyard started in the late 70s and early 80s and was birthed out of the Jesus movement that came from the hippie culture of southern California. In the early Eighties, John Wimber assumed the leadership of what was then about half a dozen Vineyard churches. The insight of theologians such as George Eldon Ladd that the Kingdom of God is with us ‘already, but not yet’ — that it’s here now in part, but not in all its fullness — provided the theological basis for Wimber’s understanding of how the biblical gifts of the Holy Spirit are active in the church today. Wimber’s influence profoundly shaped the theology and practice of Vineyard churches from their earliest days until his death in November 1997.

Vineyard in the UK & Ireland

The first Vineyard church in the UK and Ireland was started in 1987 by John & Eleanor Mumford, in the south west London area. From there the Vineyard has grown to around 115 churches here in the UK & Ireland, under the Mumford’s leadership. In 2015 John & Eleanor transition into an International role for the Vineyard Global family and John and Debby Wright become our new National Directors.

Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland exists to participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the work of local Vineyard churches that communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and practice.

We summarise this as:

Extending God’s Kingdom together,
everywhere, in every way.

We are also linked to New Wine, a movement of churches across the UK working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, summer conferences, training events and resources.