Central Vineyard is a growing church community of over 300 adults and children, gathering from across Northamptonshire.

We see the mission of the church as Joining God in the renewal of all things; for us this begins in our lives and the communities in which we live, work and play. We want to see Northampton; our homes, our workplaces and our local neighbourhoods becoming all that God created and intended them to be. We long for people not just to attend church, but to be the church. Recognising that God has placed within each of us gifts, passions and abilities to see God’s Kingdom come on earth.

Bringing communities to life; our desire is to create a church environment that is both gathered and scattered. As we gather we meet to celebrate all that Jesus is doing in and through us, we are then empowered by the Holy Spirit and scattered to share and show the good news of His Kingdom and bring life to the communities that we are apart. Therefore our church doesn’t just exist for itself, it exists to declare the glory and heart of God to the world. Seeing people transformed into passionate followers of Jesus and the places we inhabit thrive.

We are joining God in the renewal of all things, bringing communities to life! As a result we want to invest in…

1. Prayer that fuels Mission

God’s house is to be ‘a house of prayer for all nations’ (Isaiah 56:7) and Jesus invites us to shape the world we live in and the lives of those around us through prayer. The challenge we face is that we don’t limit prayer to something we do before we go out into the world, but rather that we see prayer as the fuel for our mission, becoming the lifeblood of our community. We are to seek and pray for the peace and prosperity of the greater Northampton area (Jeremiah 29:7).

2. Networks & Neighbourhoods

We want to bring life to Northampton and the surrounding area, so we can see Jesus impact and transform the various spheres where we exist. It could be our workplace, our school, our campus, the street we live on or the people we identify with the most. We want to see a transformation take place as ordinary people plant seeds of the Kingdom in our various communities, networks and neighbourhoods.

3. Disciples that make Disciples

Our aim is to make disciples that reproduce themselves in others (Matt 28: 19-20, 1 Cor 11:1). We do this by helping ordinary men and women become passionate and effective followers of Jesus. We want to keep the scriptures central to all we do and be the kind of people who do what the scriptures say (James 1:22). Disciples are intentional, they engage in habits and practices that help them to grow and become more like Jesus.

4. Releasing Leaders that Impact Culture

We have the opportunity to train and equip leaders who will have an impact on the culture around them. Releasing men and women to do the works of the Kingdom right where they are, not just in the church, but outside of it; in business, in education, in healthcare, in the social sector, in politics, in the art and in media. Raising up leaders with a passion to transform and release the culture of heaven in our communities, universities, schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces.

5. Restoring Justice & Compassion

God calls us to ‘act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly’ (Micah 6:8) – We are to seek justice and address issues of poverty in our communities. We want to live with open hearts and hands towards the poor, disadvantaged and broken, as we continually look for God-given opportunities to serve those most in need.

6. The Next Generation

Our children and young people aren’t just the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today – but we know what we invest now will bear fruit in the future. We want to have environments where our children and young people can thrive in their pursuit and follower-ship of Jesus. Where they can fall passionately in love with him and discover the cause of his Kingdom for themselves.