We believe God is inviting us to build a growing regional church with a parish mindset, planting local expressions of Central Vineyard right across Northamptonshire.

Our SIX24 Vision is to plant a local expression of Central Vineyard in six new locations by the year 2024.

We are excited to have already begun this process in Kettering and Wellingborough and have further plans to see new faith communities established in East Northants, Corby, Market Harborough and Northampton East.

The goal isn’t to just plant another service in a different geographical location, our goal is to move people into the very heart of a community, where they can be fully engaged with that neighbourhood or town and help us birth to a vibrant worshiping and missional community in that area.

Language is important and we think the word “parish” is helpful word in describing what we think God is calling us to do. The idea of every location or site being like a parish we believe gives a sense of ownership and communicates the idea of taking responsibility for the areas we are reaching in to.