Opportunity Halloween


There are always mixed opinions about Halloween and often those who follow Jesus struggle to know how best to engage with it. But what would happen if we were to see the opportunity Halloween has to offer? (now stay with me!)

Here at Central Vineyard we talk a lot about loving our neighbours, our actual neighbours and for years we’ve challenged one another to know the names of our neighbours and something that might be going on in their lives. But the truth is many of us still find it hard to get past the polite nod or wave on our way out the door.

Do you know the one time of the year when our neighbours are knocking on our door is Halloween, and when they do how are we going to respond?

Do we take a moral stand and tell them the unspoken dangers and evil that Halloween is said to represent, or do we take the opportunity as agents of God’s Kingdom, to practice hospitality and engage with the neighbours we so often struggle to connect with the rest of the year?

For the last couple of years one of our weekly Groups have taken an opportunity at Halloween to connect with their neighbours in a fresh way. They simply set up a table outside the home where they met and offered free hot chocolate and hot dogs to the parents and children out looking for a trick or treat. Not only did they get to meet their neighbours, but they also got to tell people why they were doing it.

Now I’m sure we all have different opinions about the rights and wrongs of Halloween, and that could be a debate for another time, but for now, when your neighbours come knocking on your door this October 31st, how might you seize the opportunity to be a light in your neighbourhood?